Creating Successful Case Studies to Scale your Business

Have you ever considered implementing case studies as part of your business strategy? If not, you may want to invest your time in developing case studies, so that you can attract a wider clientele list and scale up your business efficiently. Many successful businesses have implemented this strategy into their marketing plans and selling guides in order to build credibility towards their product or service. Potential customers often browse through reviews before deciding on making a purchase and it is for this reason that some customers choose to buy or decide to look elsewhere. Successful implementation of a case study can enable customers to make an informed decision on purchasing from your business instead of choosing another competitor brand and can also influence prospects perceptions of your business.


Why does your business need a case study?


If you are still on the fence about creating a case study, let’s look at the reasons why case studies are so important in the highly competitive industry of business. There are three main stages to a buyer’s journey in making the all-important decision of whether to make a purchase. These three stages are known as awareness, consideration and making a decision. When a prospect begins to browse through your website they become aware of your brand and company and are considering the facts and information presented to them. When a prospect takes another action such as signing up to your monthly newsletter or entering the email address to be informed of a product, they have reached the “consideration” stage. At this stage, the prospects are now considering the prospect of making a purchase but may still need that extra push in doing so. The last and final stage of a prospect’s journey is the decision stage whereby an individual decides whether to make the purchase or leave. How can you make your potential customer a customer you ask? You can start implementing case studies.  Case studies will influence your prospect and make them more encouraged to buy so by the time they reach the final stage the decision process becomes easy for them.



Creating a case study


Creating a case study need not be an exhausting task, in fact, it can be quite a productive way of attracting your prospect to your services whilst showcasing what you do to benefit them. Firstly, you need to decide on your case study subject and make sure that it is a topic that is relatable to your audience. What pain factors do your customers experience and how can your service help meet their needs? Doing prior research into the needs and wants of your customers can enable you to craft a case study that is compelling and memorable. You need to choose a character within your case study such as a customer who has used your product and gained significant results from it. This will enable your prospect to imagine themselves achieving those same results and arouse the desire to make the purchase to fulfill the change they want to make. Often case studies highlight the process of progression and achievement and this is something that you want to express within your story.


Stories of success


A case study is essentially a story of success delivered through your subject. You need to ensure that your subject expresses the problem they had, how your product or service helped them and the results they achieved through using your service. This could be done through a video case study or a visual case study with text. Similar to a story the audience needs to be taken through a beginning, middle and end with the ending being where you want your audience to see themselves after they have achieved the success they have been dreaming of.


Writing your case study


If your case study is in a written format you need to think of a catchy title which includes details about your subject such as their name, age and even where they are from. This is especially helpful if you are targeting a specific age group or demographic. The beginning of your case study should summarise your subject and their success with your product or service and then move on to their journey resulting in their achievements through choosing your business. Think about how you are going to present your case study and using your branding effectively to make it as visually appealing as possible.



Case studies can be the deciding factor between striking a sale and losing one. Start implementing case studies today and see the difference it makes in scaling your business effectively.

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