Linking Social Media to your Business Card

Social media is an unprecedented way of reaching a wider audience which is why linking business social media pages that you have is a must to place on your business card. You might underestimate the power of having links to your social media but you can gain more trust and credibility if your business has a social media page and that is included in your branding and marketing.



Benefits of including social media links on your business card

The main purpose of a business card is so that you can connect, network and reach more potential clients. Word of mouth is often an effective way of getting business but if you place your social media links on your business card you can reach a significantly larger clientele base.

When you hand over your business card to a prospective client the person may not want to connect with you over your conventional email or phone but may prefer to use LinkedIn or other social networks to get in touch. When a person meets you for the first time and hands over their business card this raises awareness about what the person does and creates a memorable footprint in your mind to remember the person by.

By letting your clients view your official business social media pages, they get to see your progress towards your business goals, see more of your ethos and gain more motivation into taking up your products or services.



Which social media networks should I utilise on a business card?

There are a number of different social media networks that you can build up for your business, however, which ones are the best to attract new clients and network effectively? You want to use the most relevant social media platforms that you are on. An example of this is if you are on LinkedIn you may want to add that to your business card as it is professional and can showcase some of your previous clients and work.

If you have an active follower base on Facebook you may want to include this so that you can showcase photos of your work and get clients to see your work in progress and take a more personal look into the behind the scenes of your work space. Another most popular social media network that is often put on business cards is Twitter. Make sure you are active on Twitter if you place this on your business card so that you can get clients to read tweets giving short updates about your business or just finding out more about the work you do.



Business card as marketing tool

A business card is not just a way of communicating and networking but it also acts as a potentially powerful marketing tool. You can utilise social media icons on your business card to capture the attention of potential clients and this creates awareness and recognition of the social media outlets that you are part of.

In addition to adding icons to your business card you could also provide links without logos so that people can copy the link into their browser or on their phones and take a look at your social media pages.

If you want a more technical way of adding social media to your business card you can implement a QR code which can be helpful for those who are digitally savvy.



Social media is a must for business cards

As a final thought social media links or icons are a must for your business card as it can help gain more clients, raise more awareness and increase your following across your social media networks.

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