Cona Restaurant Website Update


As technology moves forward – static websites become a thing of the past. It was time for us to update the Cona Restaurant website. Our task was to make it more appealing and user friendly.

To ensure to highlight the key selling point, prime cut halal wagyu beef, imported from Japan.


We catered to ensure that the website was made fully responsive which made it easier for customers to use. We utilised imagery that emphasised the restaurant’s main selling point which was the wagyu beef.

In addition, kept the simplicity of the previous design and ethos “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”- and truly transformed the site.


The end result ensured that we developed strong imagery that customers would remember the restaurant for. There was also a fast transition between images on the home page and this quickly emphasised the fact that it the restaurant was a steakhouse. We also improved the loading speed of the site to make it more user friendly and implemented a clean and contemporary design.  We received positive feedback from both the client and restaurant customers who appreciated the new features of the site.

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